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Service & Training

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Service Ascom Maritime

Why choose our services?

Ascom Services for maritime customers meet there expectancies at the highest level. Since 1970 Ascom is the only company in The Netherlands that can provide the right knowledge in Autronica fire systems and the only company with direct delivery to and from Autronica.

What to expect from our services

To ensure the continuity of our products and systems and to extend the life, Ascom services offers optimal technical services on your systems. In addition, Ascom also includes maintaining the knowledge of the administrators and users. Our services ensure a constant level of knowledge and advice on the optimal use of communications and (fire) safety applications. 

Please contact us in providing you a personnel service level for Autronica fire detection systems.


The Ascom Training Centre is built on an Ascom training philosophy in which, to be a trained organisation, systems and procedures are defined to get the highest level of safety in work environment. This is all packed in the Ascom Way workflow efficiency program